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Phonesex Fetish with Barely Legal Teen

I was always a horny slut.  For as long as I can remember, the urge for sex was always an attraction to powerful to fight and when I was first presented with a cock to suck and play with, I remember thinking that this was what life was all about.

There is no mystery about it though.  This is how it’s supposed to be.  Little girls are supposed to intrigued by sex, and dream about their first cock, what it will feel like, look like, will they like it, will it be small or big?  Too big even?  After all a young virgin pussy can be oh so very tight and wouldn’t she scream in pain?

But pain as it turned out added to the whole thrill, as if it was a switch inside of me acting like a booster on my way to pleasure.

At times I thought I was crazy, or at least perverted, even demented.  Pain, a hard cock sliding in and out, throbbing.  Cock deep inside of me, first the pussy, and then that other hole, the glorious one.

As the years passed and I reached 18, I was young but in terms of sexual experience, I knew enough to know that I wanted more.

More cock to satisfy my cravings, white cock, big black cock, my pussy craving and the thought of your cock opening me up.

A daddy’s cock in an age play phone sex session.  Will you give this little slut a call then?