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When Cheap Phone Sex is Really Cheap

We have always prided ourselves into offering the best deal possible to our customers.  In over a decade spent providing cheap phone sex we have seen companies come and go, and an industry that has been dramatically transformed with the arrival of the “big Boys” who have used their financial might to establish themselves as a kind of monopoly.

Independent phone sex companies (not operators) are still around, but face stiff competition and those who are not willing to compromise and alter the way they do business will find it increasingly difficult to adjust to this brand new world.

There is little that can be done in terms of competing with the big boys on a financial footing, but smaller companies such as ours still have a clear advantage when it comes to the quality of the services we offer, the care with which we recruit, and train our operators, and the love with which we treat our callers.

For that reasons, and precisely because we are small, we can give our callers something the big guys can never hope to give.  Quality.

We may not have as many operators working the lines, but in effect this is what makes us uniquely different and ove a decade in this business is a testimony to how well we are treating our customers.

When cheap is not just a means to attract callers into dialing a phone fantasy line, but aligns itself firmly along the path of excellence in service, then there is surprise when we find that our customer retention is the highest in the industry.

Indeed, our callers show their loyalty and appreciation by returning to us for the fulfilment of their sexual needs and whilst some of them will wander around to find what else is out there, they always seem to return to us, and when they do, it is with the knowledge that we are the Queens of Phone Sex, the hot mommas who now what to do to get them off, and will do all it takes to make their call a truly uniquely satisfying experience.

Now is YOUR turn to try us.  As we say, we do it it cheap, but we do it it well!

Rates: just $1.99 per minute with a 5 minute minimum.

Telephone Number: 1-888-841-9842

Phonesex Fetish with Barely Legal Teen

I was always a horny slut.  For as long as I can remember, the urge for sex was always an attraction to powerful to fight and when I was first presented with a cock to suck and play with, I remember thinking that this was what life was all about.

There is no mystery about it though.  This is how it’s supposed to be.  Little girls are supposed to intrigued by sex, and dream about their first cock, what it will feel like, look like, will they like it, will it be small or big?  Too big even?  After all a young virgin pussy can be oh so very tight and wouldn’t she scream in pain?

But pain as it turned out added to the whole thrill, as if it was a switch inside of me acting like a booster on my way to pleasure.

At times I thought I was crazy, or at least perverted, even demented.  Pain, a hard cock sliding in and out, throbbing.  Cock deep inside of me, first the pussy, and then that other hole, the glorious one.

As the years passed and I reached 18, I was young but in terms of sexual experience, I knew enough to know that I wanted more.

More cock to satisfy my cravings, white cock, big black cock, my pussy craving and the thought of your cock opening me up.

A daddy’s cock in an age play phone sex session.  Will you give this little slut a call then?