Milking And Prostate Masturbation

Any femdom will tell you.  The best position for man to be is on his knees, cheeks open, at the ready. But even the most hardcore Mistress can have some bouts of tenderness towards her slave, rare moments for tenderness during which it’s all about his pleasure and not hers. Such as the one below?

Yep… Imagine what you would feel like it this was you and you had your dick and prostate masturbated by me?  And whilst this happens, you would be told over the phone what it is about that image that makes you feel so horny and eager to try it as soon as possible.

Now, under normal circumstances, I wouldn’t allow you to come, well not a while anyway.  After all, even if this is to be your lucky day, I would have to make you beg for it, as you submit to my every command, just for the promise of an orgasm that I may or may not allow?

Have ever had the above done to you?  Have you ever felt the fingers of a woman inside your asshole, making their way deeper to the prostate?  Have you ever had your prostate massaged?  Whilst at the same time my other hand gets busy milking your cock?

Well you could find out by picking up the phone and try Masturbation Phone Sex with me right now!

Let the fun begin is what they way…  So call!

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