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The Debunking of Free Phone Sex and Why it’s a Good Thing

In this article, I will explain why companies simply cannot afford to give sex chats for free. The best they can offer are deals that are cheap enough to entice you into trying their services, as well as offering free stuff IF (and when) you buy something or other such marketing gimmicks. For all intents and purposes, when it comes to adult phone chat, FREE is always the exception to the rule.

Yes, I can hear you. There are exceptions. You and your spouse have been having sex chats (free phone sex) for years and other than paying for your telephone bill every month, you are still to spend a single penny for the pleasure of mutual phone masturbation. Yes. You are perfectly right. In your case, you are indeed getting it for free. But you are also lucky a. to be happily married (or in a relationship), and b. to be with a spouse who wants it as much as you do, not only when you are together, but also when the two of you are away from each other and the only way either of you can satisfy your needs is through phone masturbation. Ahhh… The miracle of technology!

But what would you do if you were single? Or in a relationship where your spouse wasn’t into the whole “sex” thing? Would you go without? Or would you take “matters” into your own hand and call a sex chat line which might very well be the only way available to you in order to get laid. Having been in the adult phone chat business for nearly 20 years, I know first hand what so many people do: They call me!

The beauty of phone sex nowadays is that not only is it really satisfying, it is also economical and so for the price a movie, you too can have a one on one sex session with a woman, man or even shemale who not only likes sex as much as you do, but more importantly may teach you a thing or two about your own secret fantasies. Imagine that! And it’s discreet as well so nobody will know! It’ll be our little secret.

Here is another thing that phone sex is great at: It is the only media which permits anyone to explore any fantasy he/she might have. Let me put this a different way. We all have secret desires, needs that we usually keep for ourselves because we are either too shy to share them with our spouses, or think that our spouses would think we’d be raving lunatics for having those sexual thoughts in the first place. Not with sex chats! Not only will you be able to “lay it all out” on the table, but you’ll be encouraged to take it a step further. You see, our brain is the largest sexual organ we have, and our imagination is the vehicle that allows us to taste those desires. And since I have been speaking about free for a while, you might want to read what others say about this subject. Where would you go, which website would you visit if you wanted to learn more about it. Well the chicks with sass certainly have their own take about free phone masturbation.

Free Adult Phone Chat is usually a myth. And that’s exactly what those chicks set out to explain. They also provide their own alternative to free. It will mean you’ll have to pay for it, but by all accounts, it’s well worth it

An Inteview About Karen’s World of Phone Sex

Go on…  Be honest about it… Sex is on your mind!  If it isn’t, then you are probably the exception to the rule.  And I am not talking about obsessive, compulsive addiction to sex, but a normal interest shared by millions throughout the word.  Think about.  When was the last time you talked about it with friends, perhaps after a good meal, giggled about it and possibly felt a rush that is all together familiar for so many of us when this topic of conversation is brought forward.  Or perhaps you talked it with your spouse, your partner, your best friend…  Or in my case with Karen!  In case you don’t know who Karen is, and how would you(?), Karen is one lady who knows all there is to know about sex, and has no compunction whatsoever in talking about it with anyone who’d want to phone her.  Why?  Well because sex chats is what she does, she does it for a living and for the past 15 years thousands of men and women have called her for what she calls: “a piece of yummy sanity for all of those horny souls who are not getting what they need at home.”  And she does it so well, and her prices are so affordable that she has become the number one phone sex girl around.  I sat down with Karen the other day for an interview.  Here is part of our conversation.

Me.  At long last we meet, Karen!  I can’t tell you how long it is since I’ve waited to spend some time with you!

Karen.  I know!  And I am sorry it took so long.  Everytime I thought I’d have an opening, something came up and I just couldn’t do it.  Business is really busy, I’m glad to say, but as a result, I don’t have a lot of free time on my hands.

Me.  I understand. Thank you for taking the time Karen.  I appreciate.  You have just mentioned your business.  May I ask you what it is that you do?

Karen.  I run and operate a phone sex business.  I have several dozens men and women whom I employ to talk to callers about anything sexual that’s on their mind.

Me. Phone Sex!  How about that.  We all know what that is of course, but I want to know is how you, a lady who went to college and has the kind of education that would open doors anywhere in the corporate world, how on earth did you ever get involved in that “line of business”?

Karen.  Well, one thing I can tell you is that I never actually woke up one day and said to my self….  “Here is something I am meant to do!”  As you say, I have the qualifications that most large corporations need and I could quite possibly get a job in any number of companies.  Some of my clients are even ceos of such companies.  (giggles).  But when I was in college, like the majority of students in search of an extra income, I took lots of part time jobs, including one in pizza joint which was located in a well to do area.  A lot of the residents would stop to order a pizza on their way home, amongst them, quite a few successful business men and most days, I would come home with one or two telephone number of some of them.  They all wanted to help me get a better job they said.  (more giggles)

Me.  And of course their own version of “helping you” was probably specific to their own needs!

Karen. You can say that.  Everything has a price in life.  You wanted to know how I got into this business?  Here is how.  One day, having worked an 8 hours shift at the restaurant, I got home exhausted and looked at the amount of money I had made all day.  It wasn’t a great deal.  So I picked up one the business cards I had received from some of my customers, it was a random selection and I might not be here talking to you if I picked any other card, but the guy I spoke to, and we had a very pleasant conversation explained to me how he was unhappy at home, how his wife was disinterested in having sex with him, and how he and I could have such a lovely time together.  “I will provide for you” he said, “so you won’t have to work at the restaurant again”.   I told him I wasn’t interested and put the phone down.

Me.  And that was the end of things with him?

Karen.  I heard from him again a few days later.  This time he called me.  He wanted to apologize for having been and arse with me on the phone the other day and he sounded genuinely contrite.  So we had a chat, and for no reason at all, I began to flirt with him.  I had no intention to do anything with him, but the more playful I was, the more intense he became, and I realized that I went on that way, he would… well… reach an explosive conclusion.  So just as abruptly as I had begun to flirt with him over the phone, I stopped, and literally left him hanging.  It is then that I realized the true power of suggestions, words, voice as much as the true erotic nature of the human mind.  It was quite thrilling.  I really could have done anything with him and so I did the next best thing.  I told him I had enjoyed our conversation but I had to go to work because I had bills to pay and talking to him by phone wasn’t going to let me do that!

Me.  Did you have to wait a long time before he called you again?

Karen.  He did more than call!  That very evening he showed up at the restaurant.  I was working in the kitchen and the manager was there, so I could talk to him, but through a co worker he managed to get a message to me that he would call me after my shift.

Me.  Hmmm

Karen. To be honest you, I was so tired when I got home that night that I had forgotten about him.  And then the phone rang and I knew it was him.

Me.  And what happened?  Did you have your first “official” phone sex conversation with him that night?

Karen.  All I wanted was to get him off the phone and out of my life.  I was too pooped to talk about anything, let alone talk about sex with some guy who meant nothing to me.  I was starting to tell him that when he told me how much money he was spending on phone sex lines every month, and if I wanted, he would rather spend on me.  I mean, the amount of money he was spending was more or less what I was earning at the restaurant.  It didn’t take me long to realize that working an hour or so per day, talking dirty on the phone with this guy would give all the time I needed to concentrate on my studies…  And that’s how I began a phone sex girl!

How about a delicious phone sex quickie as soon as you wake up

ere is a really charming force of habit. On an early shift today, covering for this girl early shift (she was stuck in traffic and not able to start on time) when Tom called our toll free number.

Can you help me with my hard dick. It’s early morning and I have 10 minutes before getting ready to leave for work!


I have been in the spicy phone sex conversation business for years and I am not ashamed to share with you that I was left astonished. The first masturbation of the day! Now this is a quite pleasure-giving way of life! You and I are probably familiar with the concept of the morning stroll, or morning walk, but a morning cock stroke? I was so entranced that it took me a few seconds to get my bearings and all of a sudden the images of thousands of men waking up with a hard on waiting to be taken care off flooded my mind, suggestive enough to really get me all wet. A quickie! This caller wanted a $10 phone fantasy!

Do you mean a quickie? Like a $10 phone sex orgasm guaranteed to get you on the way? It’ll take all of 5 minutes but I guarantee you’ll have a smile on your face for the rest of the day

there is scarcely anything more amazing undoubtedly that the idea of a man with a hard dick, fingers stroking his hard penis up and down, until the final outcome, and this is one of the reasons why I love my job so much. And even if I say so myself, a lot of my callers love what I do too judging by how frequently they pick up the phone and dial my phone number. They call us for orgasm for any number of reasons, one of them of course because they have private tendencies and a woman like me really knows exactly how to take a man to sexual orgasm. A woman who knows what to do to get her sexual needs met and is not afraid to go the extra step. And if you think you will have to give a fair bit of shekels calling fantasy line think again. Cheap adult entertainment by phone and the very first cock stroking go hand in hand if you’ll pardon the pun.

So: Come on… Pick up the telephone and give us a ring

Questions of Phone Sex

The most common question I get asked before a Phone sex Call is: Do you talk about anything, like fantasies that are considered too taboo?

Domination phone conversations are the ones that I love the most.That doesn’t mean that femdom is all I am willing to be, quite the contrary!

Being able to dominate is really something I enjoy very much and which provides me with lots of pleasure and satisfaction.

Take strapon sex for example. And if you are reading this article, It is safe to assume you are already a candidate for that!

Domination Phone Sex

Visualize this for a moment, as you watch me put my strapon on. (By the way, do you have a preference?) Imagine yourself on your knees, waiting to feel my hands on your hips, right behind you, my big dick touching your ass, ever so gently! Enjoy the thrills of what is to come. Experience a moment of disappointment as I temporarily take my dick away from your ass! But I cannot penetrate you without proper lubrication first! And as I start the process of finger fucking you, your initial fears of being hurt begin to fade away and you cannot wait for for the moment when my fingers will be replaced by my strapon. Even if you are one of those men who frequently take a dick up your ass! There is always pain in the beginning. Fortunately, as you submit to your Mistress, pain goes away! Being the one who pounds your ass is a feeling that is difficult for me to describe.  This is exactly why I am in phone sex 

By the time my shift comes to an end I already think of the next time, when the next caller calls me and another day of fun, sex and orgasm gets on its way!

Phone Sex is all about Mutual Masturbation

Whether you call a fantasy line for taboo phone sex or just like to have a quiet time with your dick talking to a woman who actually wants that dick, when you call a sexy milf you can be sure of one thing:  A juicy hot pussy ready for anything you might wish to throw at it, including that nice hard cock.


Live phone sex comes in types of different forms, shape and ages, but primarily is all about roleplay. Want to feel the tender loving care that only a sensual Mommy can give, well we’ll be only to happy to provide you with a mature woman so hot, you’ll melt before you reach stroke 5, is you don’t pace yourself of course,

Turn her upside down for some anal exploration, doggy style whilst your slut woman begs for more, or conversely turn the tables so to speak and make yourself available to the instructions of femdom humiliatirix.

Become the object in a Mistress / Slave environment which can lead to so many different possibilities you head will be spinning faster than your hand on your dick.

And talking about dick and what your hand is doing to it, don’t you think you would feel so much better if we did it together?

Think about it.  You and I, on the phone, masturbating each other, controlling the tempo as much as the ecstasy until the ultimate release when the orgasm can no longer be controlled.

And then…  The ultimate… A gift… To each other…  And to ourselves…  Made possible only through mutual masturbation phone sex.

Milking And Prostate Masturbation

Any femdom will tell you.  The best position for man to be is on his knees, cheeks open, at the ready. But even the most hardcore Mistress can have some bouts of tenderness towards her slave, rare moments for tenderness during which it’s all about his pleasure and not hers. Such as the one below?

Yep… Imagine what you would feel like it this was you and you had your dick and prostate masturbated by me?  And whilst this happens, you would be told over the phone what it is about that image that makes you feel so horny and eager to try it as soon as possible.

Now, under normal circumstances, I wouldn’t allow you to come, well not a while anyway.  After all, even if this is to be your lucky day, I would have to make you beg for it, as you submit to my every command, just for the promise of an orgasm that I may or may not allow?

Have ever had the above done to you?  Have you ever felt the fingers of a woman inside your asshole, making their way deeper to the prostate?  Have you ever had your prostate massaged?  Whilst at the same time my other hand gets busy milking your cock?

Well you could find out by picking up the phone and try Masturbation Phone Sex with me right now!

Let the fun begin is what they way…  So call!

Let a black woman show you what black phone sex is all about.

“Hey Mistress, I can’t stand it much longer..  I am so Horny!!  Ya gotta help me right away”

I have to say I love my callers.  How else would I not when the first think you say to me when you call is something like that.  It’s music to my ears that is, the knowledge that this caller is so horny, his dick (probably his little white dick) is so hard that it actually aches!

You see, I am what you call an Ebony Queen.

My skin is the color of the silky nights when the silver moon gives the sky an third dimension.  I have long braided hair, coming down above my shoulders all the way to the small of my back.

I have a firm, muscly body, full of curves and lips that seem to be the perfect place for your hard cock to slip through, only before I would ever even consider giving you a blow job, I would have to see if you are worthy of me.

I am your femdom mistress, the ultimate black phone sex queen working this hotline from the comfort of my home.

When you call, I might be about to step into the shower to try and cool of some steam and massage those parts of my body that crave attention, or I might just lay in bed, legs wide open and my big black cock dildo in my hand doing to my pussy what you wish you white cock could!

So what will it be?  Another aimless wank shooting in the air, or a one on one live sex encounter with a real black woman?

Pick up the phone and dial.  BLACK PHONE SEX is cheap too

Call 1-888-841-9842.

How cheap: $1.99 per minute with no additional or hidden costs.

Explore the un-explored: Anal Phone Sex

Hi there, anal lovers, seekers of the forbidden entry, eager to explore the other side of love, a place where you have always longed to go…

Let’s face it, most men have two recurrent fantasies (amongst many others of course) that make them… uniquely males!

The first one is the obvious one, and most women, some less willingly than others will at some point have allowed themselves to try it as well:  Oral sex or the glorious blowjob.

The other is no less a priority for many men, but rare are the women who will entertain it.

I refer of course to anal sex and if you are one those men who really cannot wait any longer to experience this unique form of love making, then anal phone sex is your only option.

Not only to we welcome this exquisite form of sexual release, we actually love it ourselves.

So you don’t need to sacrifice yourself any more.  For a truly memorable Ass Phone Session, try us now!

And remember, ANAL PHONE SEX needs not cost you a fortune.  You can do it for cheap by calling 1-888-841-9842.

How cheap: $1.99 per minute with no additional or hidden costs.

Dirty Dyana does phone sex for CHEAP

Hey there boy!  Searching for cheap phone sex to let some steam off your fingers.  Well, I am the girl for you and by the time I am done with you, you’ll still have enough cash in your pocket to go out for a beer.

So what will it be then?  Wanking alone, cock in hand, browsing from site to site trying to find a deal you can afford, or settle for the best, (ME!) and get it cheap in  the process.

Look, there is nothing I won’t talk about, and neither will my girlfriend.  I have babes from all over the place, from Barely Legal chicks to older Ladies, covering the whole gamut of fetish fantasies where there is nothing too taboo for us to talk about.

We are ready and wet, waiting for your call and prepared to give you the very best experience you can get.

So what will it be then?  An aimless masturbation or a full blow, guided sex session, one on one, live over the telephone with a woman who wants it as much as you do.  And it’s not just women either we have at your disposal.  We have the horniest trannies around for you who want the best of both worlds and are cock curious.

When Cheap Phone Sex is Really Cheap

We have always prided ourselves into offering the best deal possible to our customers.  In over a decade spent providing cheap phone sex we have seen companies come and go, and an industry that has been dramatically transformed with the arrival of the “big Boys” who have used their financial might to establish themselves as a kind of monopoly.

Independent phone sex companies (not operators) are still around, but face stiff competition and those who are not willing to compromise and alter the way they do business will find it increasingly difficult to adjust to this brand new world.

There is little that can be done in terms of competing with the big boys on a financial footing, but smaller companies such as ours still have a clear advantage when it comes to the quality of the services we offer, the care with which we recruit, and train our operators, and the love with which we treat our callers.

For that reasons, and precisely because we are small, we can give our callers something the big guys can never hope to give.  Quality.

We may not have as many operators working the lines, but in effect this is what makes us uniquely different and ove a decade in this business is a testimony to how well we are treating our customers.

When cheap is not just a means to attract callers into dialing a phone fantasy line, but aligns itself firmly along the path of excellence in service, then there is surprise when we find that our customer retention is the highest in the industry.

Indeed, our callers show their loyalty and appreciation by returning to us for the fulfilment of their sexual needs and whilst some of them will wander around to find what else is out there, they always seem to return to us, and when they do, it is with the knowledge that we are the Queens of Phone Sex, the hot mommas who now what to do to get them off, and will do all it takes to make their call a truly uniquely satisfying experience.

Now is YOUR turn to try us.  As we say, we do it it cheap, but we do it it well!

Rates: just $1.99 per minute with a 5 minute minimum.

Telephone Number: 1-888-841-9842