A special Phone Sex Welcome

If you’ve browsed for cheap phone sex before then you will know that for every one of the billions of phone sex sites out there, cheap has a different meaning.

For some, cheap is advertised under the guise of a really cheap offer, one that could not keep a company in business, only to be offset by a series of conditions until you get to the real cost which of course isn’t at all cheap.

And then there are those connection charges, hidden fees and other such gimmicks, all designed to fool the caller because “hey, our advertised rates are the cheapest in the industry!”

So how about cheap phone sex? Is $1.99 per minute cheap enough?  And yes, what you see is what you pay.  Nothing more.

Now, I have been in the phone sex business for longer than I can remember.  If you speak to me, you won’t get a barely legal teen, or an Asian queen, or even a Black Mistress.  I don’t have a dick between my legs, nor am I a pole dancer at your local bar.

I am a hot Mom, mother of two and I simply offer true cheap phone sex.  And if you want to talk to any of the above specially sexy babes, I have some of the horniest and most succesfull phone sex babes around as well.

Cheap Phone Sex with me or any of my friends will cost you just $1.99 per minute with a 5 minute minimum.  So go on, call the affordable phone sex hotline and enjoy true cheap rate.  1-888-841-9842

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